The Gateway to a Digital
Work Experience

The Gateway to a Digital Work Experience

Thursday, February 25th
12:00 – 1:30 PM CST

Thursday, February 25th
12:00 – 1:30 PM CST

About the Program

Intranet: The Gateway to a Digital Work Experience is an invitation-only, video-based virtual event limited to a select group of human resources and corporate communications leaders who will share insights and personal experiences with one another to create a rich networking experience for all. We will convene with three goals in mind:

  • Learn from insightful conversations led by our moderated panel
  • Participate in interactive break out room video discussions
  • Build meaningful connections with a group of diverse thinkers
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About the Content

While work from home has had positive impacts on overall output, remote work has also created new challenges. Communicating with colleagues, accessing company resources, and troubleshooting day-to-day issues is no longer as easy as looking at office bulletins or stopping by someone’s office. The digital work environment is, in some capacity, here to stay, and organizations must figure out how to overcome these challenges to create a less frustrating, more supportive experience for their employees.

According to the Harvard Business Review, companies that invest in employee experience outperform those that do not by an average of 4.2x the profitability. To foster a positive experience, employees need convenient ways to connect and engage with their peers, supervisors, and the organization they’re a part of. To facilitate this connection and communication between a largely remote workforce, organizations can rely on a centralized intranet to provide reliable and streamlined access to essential information, support, and correspondence.

Join us and our expert panel as we discuss how you can create a better employee experience by re-engaging the remote workforce and leveraging digital infrastructure to offer a functional, personalized employee experience.

Discussion Topics

  • Creating an omnichannel experience for corporate communications that serves as a gateway to the digital workplace
  • Contextualizing and personalizing employee resources to increase effectiveness and productivity
  • Establishing communication channels that are secure, centralized, and scalable
  • Building and customizing a successful intranet to close internal resource gaps and share mission-critical information with employees

Event Details


Thursday, February 25th 


12:00 pm – 1:30 pm CST

Attendee Profile

Human resources and corporate communications leaders


12:00PM     Attendees Enter Virtual Event & Welcome Remarks

12:05PM     Video Networking in Breakout Rooms

12:15PM     Panel Discussion

12:55PM     Audience Q&A

1:10PM        Breakout Networking Sessions


Attendees Enter Virtual Event & Welcome Remarks


Video Networking in Breakout Rooms


Panel Discussion


Audience Q&A


Breakout Networking Sessions

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